Revenue Projections

I never really ran the hard numbers. Once I get an idea in my head, often my first step is to start building it. Code first, think of the business model later.  I’ve learned that starting to test the idea with people first is the key to any good project. But testing with users doesn’t give us revenue projections, it doesn’t give us churn rates, or burndown rates.  It...

Slow Focus

I’m learning to move slow. As part of being a startup founder, I’ve tended to move quickly and break things. Which usually is fine in a small startup team, but doesn’t always work in a more traditional team. Now that I am away from my company for the next year, I am trying to be intentional about embracing slow focus as a life focus. Now, I don’t mean slow in terms of work...

Jesse Orndorff

The founder of Glean, an agency for change. Formerly Innovation Program Manager at DAI. He's now focused on building technology and startups that work on challenging issues and doing social good.

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