Today we are closing our co-working space

Today at Development Innovations we announced the closure of our public co-working space. As we work to refine the Development Innovations' project, a public co-working space no longer fits our aims. We will continue to focus our efforts on building an innovation lab and providing advisory services to civil society organizations.

I’m taking a break from my agency

As I look back at the last four years of running my agency I am amazed at all I've had the chance to do. I've worked on all sorts of interesting projects with fun and engaging clients. I've experienced some of the most exciting times of my professional career as well as some of the hardest, frustrating, and depressing. Glean has grown from just me in my garden shed to a team of six. I've learned...

Generational Foundation Building

I’ve always looked up to my father, he is kind, funny, and a hard worker. He sacrificed a lot for my happiness, for my future. For 30 years he worked as a custodian at a local middle school. For those 30 years he worked so he could help provide for the family, so that I could have the things he didn’t, so that I could have opportunities he didn’t have. I call this foundation building.As we get...

Jesse Orndorff

The founder of Glean, an agency for change. Formerly Innovation Program Manager at DAI. He's now focused on building technology and startups that work on challenging issues and doing social good.

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