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It’s just a communication tool.

"Remember that a website is just a communication tool. The most effective sites aren't just piles of loose content, but are dead-clear in their message and have carefully curated content that is a reflection of what you want to say and what visitors want to see. You don't have any special web skills for that."- Chris Coyier A perfect piece of advice from Chris Coyier of CSS Tricks.

Alphabetical CSS

Everyone who writes code does it a little differently. Sometimes we get lazy, or we don't know any better, or there isn't a clear standard. I have worked with a lot of different freelance coders and everyone has their own coding style. Today I wanted to share a little tip that I have recently started doing to better organize my CSS properties.

Jesse Orndorff

The founder of Glean, an agency for change. Formerly Innovation Program Manager at DAI. He's now focused on building technology and startups that work on challenging issues and doing social good.

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